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Other Civil Ceremonies


Sometimes couples choose to renew their wedding vows in a unique and personal ceremony. I recently conducted such a ceremony on a silver wedding anniversary for a couple who had been married overseas and now wished to celebrate with family and friends in Australia.
Your ceremony can be traditional and formal using aspects of your original ceremony, or more relaxed and informal. You can include family and friends, and special elements such as a ribbon ritual, lighting of candles, use of flowers or coloured sand to express different aspects of your life journey.
A beautiful signed keepsake Certificate wil be presented to you at the completion of the ceremony.


The Civil Funeral Ceremony allows the freedom to make a range of choices about the content and style of an appropriate ceremony to commemorate and celebrate the life of your loved one in the manner in which he or she would like to be remembered. A symbol table honouring their life provides a beautiful way of reflecting on their individuality.
I can offer help and advice in the writing of the eulogy, and suggest how family members can be meaningfully included in the ceremony.
The ceremony can be held in a funeral chapel, at the graveside, or in any location of your choosing.


A child naming ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the birth of your child and gathering together your family and friends to welcome the new arrival. This ceremony can also be held for people gaining legal gardianship or parental responsibility, such as in a blending of families or a name change situation.
Guardians, godparents and grandparents can all be given special roles in the ceremony to signify the role they will play in the future development of the child. 
A named candle and Certificates are presented at the conclusion of the ceremony.



This ceremony has no legal status but it gives couples, including same-sex couples, the opportunity to declare a life-long commitment of love and dedication to each other in front of family and friends if desired. You can include special readings, music and rituals to express and symbolize your relationsip. I will help you to create a unique and truly memorable ceremony.
A beautiful signed Certificate will be presented to you at the completion of the ceremony.


You have just moved into your new home, and you want to share your joy with family and friends. What about including a House Blessing in your celebrations? We can create a ceremony to include visual elements of the building process, perhaps the planting of a special tree to mark ownership, and the presentation of keys to family members.
A beautiful dedication Certificate will be presented to you at the conclusion of the ceremony